Healthy school lunches in the Seattle area


MiniBento offers healthy school lunches for students in the Seattle area. For parents seeking healthy food for their children, MiniBento offers nutritionally balanced, fresh and natural, as well as portion-controlled boxed lunches that ensure their child’s well being at school while saving lunch preparation time at home. For children, MiniBento is a tasty, fresh, and visually appealing lunch choice offered in an attractive bento box. For schools, MiniBento offers a convenience of providing a healthy school lunch option as an answer to the growing demand for healthy eating. For the environment, MiniBento is a sustainable lunch option offered in a biodegradable container. For the community, MiniBento fosters healthy eating habits and appreciation for food aesthetics for life, starting where it matters the most: at school.

Order Now

We are open for business! Currently MiniBento can be ordered for the following schools: Arbor Schools (Sammamish), Faith Lutheran School (Redmond), Lakeside Montessori School (Pine Lake and Highlands campuses), and Montessori Children's House (Redmond). If you would like MiniBento lunches to be available in your school, please contact us as well as let your school administrator know. In the meantime, check out our products.

For Parents

MiniBento lunches are made with utmost care using only organic or all natural products. We do our best to provide organic fruit and vegetables which are seasonal and local. For example, you will unlikely find berries or peaches in our lunches in the wintertime. Instead, apples, pears, or oranges will take their place during that time of the year. This means higher quality and fresher, healthier, and more sustainable produce than foods brought in from far away. Similar rule applies to meat and dairy, which are hormone and antibiotics free. We try to source them out locally, supporting local farmers, which also gives us better control of the quality of these foods. MiniBento lunches do not contain any partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors. Simply put - our lunches are as visually appealing as they are tasty and pure. We make sure the meals are nutritionally balanced, which means each MiniBento comprises of ingredients from all food groups required for healthy development of your child. The sizes are age appropriate giving the child all the necessary nutrients and energy, and nothing unnecessary, like excess fats, sugars or salt.